"Creators Collective": Alec Winter

Alec Winter & Nicole Rauch are the dynamic duo behind the digital marketing business "Creators Collective". They pride themselves on enhancing communities, designing stories, and making a dramatic difference in your business. We had the chance to talk with Alec about the peaks & valleys of entrepreneurship and exciting plans for the future.

BMG: Alec, I’m excited to get the chance to talk- it’s inspiring to see other young folks taking the leap into entrepreneurship. So, when did you know you wanted to start your own business?

Alec Winter: Absolutely man! I really have always loved working for myself. Back in high school I was always picking up odds and ends, doing a bunch of different things to make some money.

BMG: That’s awesome, so you’ve always had that mindset of wanting to build and create something for yourself.

AW: Definitely, and I actually had a delivery service for a while similar to a Postmates or Uber Eats business model. I started talking to businesses in the area that didn’t have delivery services, and it took off. We would deliver anything from Starbucks, to subs, to school supplies.

BMG: That’s amazing, you took the initiative to do the outreach and insert yourself where the void was, that’s perfect. Getting to experience such a wide range of businesses must’ve been super valuable.

AW: It really was, and I loved the aspect of being out there on the ground and on the customer side. It also taught me that one of my strengths is the ability to communicate effectively.

BMG: I think that’s a major redeeming quality especially when working with brands. Having a voice and that ability to tell a narrative is key.

AW: I agree. If you’re speaking your mind and being creative, that’s going to set you apart every time.

BMG: Exactly, and I think that’s such a powerful unique selling point when working on digital for businesses. Do you remember your first client? That first check is such a rush.

AW: Man, you’re getting me nostalgic, it is absolutely a rush and I do! It was KB’s pizza and sub shop. We did a total overhaul with them, and were able to transform their digital presence. I really need to find that check and frame it.

BMG: Absolutely, would serve as a nice reminder and inspiration. When you were getting going, did you have any hurdles specifically that stood out?

AW: I worked with a business that was lacking any sort of real structure. It was difficult because I could tell the majority of people there, even the decision makers- were not passionate about what they were doing. I felt like I was trying to convince them of the benefits every step of the way. They had so much potential of how far they could take things…but they didn’t see it. So I felt hindered there.

BMG: That’s tough when you know you have the ability to help and add value, if only they’d allow you to.

AW: That was exactly it. So that still kinds of grinds my gears when I think about what it could’ve been. Even still, we did the most we could and were able to deliver some quality results.

BMG; That’s great! Do you have a favorite campaign that you’ve worked on?

AW: Definitely would say Village Baker. We’ve been working with them creating digital content and in addition to our fee they also give us a store credit so we definitely spend time hanging out over there with them.

The owner there has truly had such a strong impact on me. In addition to encouraging me to be creative, she has instilled this mindset in me. She has an ideology that is centered around strengthening the community. Everything she does there is a component of helping the community, and I’ve actually employed that mindset amongst clients. It’s getting people from different worlds in the same room, and the interactions that happen are amazing. I have her to thank for that.

BMG: That’s incredible, and it’s so true that collaborating and simply opening conversations between people from different industries, walks of life, whatever it may be, it leads to magic. That’s great to hear and something I think we should all implement more of.

AW: Right it’s just being open to getting everyone involved. At first when I got started I was a little protective of what I was doing, and now I realize that everyone can win together.

BMG: “Everyone can win together” Couldn’t agree more with you on that! Is there anything on the horizon that you guys are specifically looking forward to?

AW: Definitely , we are getting started with a brand new, soon to be national brand "Last Night’s Mistake". They are a hangover recovery drink that is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and caffeine that will kick your ass back into shape. We are going to have a lot of creative freedom with them so I am excited to be able to take them to the next level.

BMG: Wow , that sounds amazing! It's great that you'll have the flexibility and leeway to incorporate your ideas and vision, I'm excited to watch as that partnership grows and progresses.

Follow along with Creators Collective as their journey continues!



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