• Kat Costa

"Getting Personal" A Tailored Approach to Marketing

Every day, consumers are inundated with marketing campaigns promoting products, brands, and services. Because consumers have become so accustomed to seeing campaigns everywhere they turn, it's essential, now more than ever, to personalize marketing campaigns and strategies, so your message doesn't get lost or ignored.

There are plenty of ways Breakthrough Marketing can help your marketing campaign become personalized. Our goal is to reach your ideal consumer by gaining their interest, teaching them about your service/products, and keeping them engaged to eventually convert.

Check out the list of just a few ways we work with businesses to ensure their messages are being seen by personalizing their marketing efforts:

Research/ Collect Data – It is crucial to first research and understand your ideal audience. Every business is different and will have different needs when it comes to their audience. "Brands and marketers must create buyer personas that represent the exact center of their target audience. From gathering data, you can see your buyer personas' habits, behaviors, and what they're looking for from brands like yourself," –Tom Caulton of Digital. Ensuring your company is an expert on your ideal customer is the first step in ensuring the marketing campaigns you put out are successful. The more you know, the more likely you are to capture the eyes of a potential customer and get your message right in front of the right eyes.

Re-Targeting – There is nothing worse than irrelevant ads, which is why we LOVE re-targeting! Re-targeting is making sure the consumers who have already visited your website are being shown your message even after they have clicked off your site. These leads are often the hottest, as they are researching your service and are seeking your product. Re-targeting tends to have a high return on investment, or ROI, as the audience is at the end of the buying funnel. Sometimes the extra nudge to remind them of your company is just what they need! Not only does this tactic generate more sales, but it can also increase brand awareness. Your brand will begin to build trust when your message is always top of mind long after your website has been visited. Did you know there is a 147% increase in conversion rate with retargeting leads? That number is too impressive to miss out on.

Geo-targeting - It's just as important to understand where your audience is geographically, as it is to know who they are. Geo-targeting has made it easy to send your message out to people who are in the area of your business and service, if relevant. For example, if you are a local café, you want to target a certain radius around your storefront. It's improbable that someone would travel more than 10 minutes for their morning cup of coffee, so it's best to create an invisible boundary to showcase your ads to those walking by or working nearby. "There are few things that can make an ad more impactful than being tailored to the reader's location. It makes them feel more connected and gives them a greater sense of ease about reaching out and following the call to action."

Social Media Quizzes – Interactive content has soared into popularity recently. Consumers are bored with merely reading or viewing the material; they want to be involved! While it does take some creativity to get an audience to participate in a quiz or poll, social media has excelled in making it easy for the marketer and the intended consumer. A company can showcase their personality w making surveys fun and funny while building trust with consumers. Businesses are able to ask questions to their followers about what they want to see more or less of, how their business is performing and what their most interests are. Leaving the guesswork to be a thing of the past! Consumers feel heard and that their opinion matters, which makes them feel better about making purchases with the brand. If appropriately used, interactive content on social media can be a massive asset in data collection as well and can be utilized to create campaigns that are sure to increase brand awareness, conversions and feel more personalized.

Now that we've shown you just a few ways, Breakthrough can help make consumers feel like your one and only, let's get a personalized campaign up and running for your business. Contact us today!

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