Open Letter: 2019, A Year of Extremes

As I reflected on this past year, I found myself noting the significant fluctuations that came about. Of course, in entrepreneurship & business alike, experiencing spikes and dips seems not only expected, but inevitable. In 2019, we learned that while having a plan of action is of course important, it is equally beneficial to have the ability to proceed adaptively & be agile. The past year allowed us the opportunity to offer new services, bring on new clients, and hire teammates who offer a fresh perspective. In 2020, we are placing a heightened emphasis on engagement with clients, partners, as well as community activities that are consistent with the Breakthrough brand. Here are a few main concepts we will be consciously focusing on throughout the upcoming year.

1. Picking Our Spots

Last year one of our goals was to "Learn how to say No Efficiently and Eloquently". We are proud to say, for the most part in '19, we followed our own advice. We were presented with short term opportunities that seemed tempting, but were not aligned with our vision. It can be difficult to forego an easy short term deal- but it jeopardizes your ability to secure longer more fulfilling and lucrative deals. Sometimes you win because you didn't play. This year we have developed a framework which affords us a better sense of what we can entertain both in terms of bandwidth and financially. We love working with companies who are invested and passionate about their craft, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide full effort and attention to them.

2. Developing A Sustainable Roster

A sustainable roster, in this case is not just in reference to the clients, but also our internal roster at BMG. On the client side we have and will always place our efforts on working with folks who are interested in long term sustainable growth. While one-offs can still be exciting projects, we generally are seeking a partnership in which both parties continue to flourish and grow together.

On the internal side, we have been fortunate enough to work more and more with freelancers and part time hires for specific projects. We have been lucky to work with people we trust and who deliver exceptional work. On the management side, I am working this year on my ability to relinquish control to experts in their respective fields. This was a difficult concept for me to grapple with this past year, but one that for many reasons is absolutely necessary. In addition to scaling purposes, this mindset flip ultimately yields better results , and allows team members to truly feel valued, fulfilled and invested in the team.

3. Community Involvement

Breakthrough made an effort this past year to spend more time volunteering in the community as well as providing marketing services pro-bono for certain philanthropic organizations. This year, we want to double down by not only allocating time & resources but implementing a program that will give back financially. In 2020, BMG will be donating 5% of our total revenue to various charitable organizations. The program will allow clients who are on retainer to choose a charity/foundation they would like to see the money to go towards.

We are extremely excited about what the new year has in store & we can't wait to keep you in the loop!


Brad Ellis

Boston, MA

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