Open Letter: New Season (Q2, '19)

Breakthrough Community, it's a new season ! The past few months have been filled with new opportunities & exploration in avenues we hadn't previously considered...and now are deeply involved in. We're excited to share a brief re-cap of some concepts we have been seeing in our own business as well as forecast the road ahead. As always, thank you for following along with us as we share our ideas, without further ado here's a quick 1,2 from quarter two.

1. Meaningful Work, Meaningful Relationships

Whether it be with our client roster or our own team, we are always seeking to establish & maintain loyal relationships.

With our clients, we are fortunate to work with individuals and corporations who align with our core values, and who are invested in the growth of their brand. Through various partnerships & dealings we have realized that having a relationship in which both parties have true stake in the game is vital for any sort of substantial progression.

In a landscape of immediacy, it can be tempting to seek out quick & immediate results–the reality however, is that the benefits of playing the long game are alive and well. Delivering quality work, service, and communication never goes out of style. Keeping a long term perspective while operating in the moment is a fine balancing act & one we are always striving towards.

In terms of our team & network of collaborators, we have made a conscious effort to work with people who not only inspire us, but who are extremely honest & transparent. Having the ability to present work and ideas to people who you trust and who trust and believe in the mission is an incredible feeling. They are the people who will support & encourage you while simultaneously being brutally honest about a terrible design you need to scrap. The passionate folks who have contagious energy & relentless work ethic–those are the people you want in your corner.

2. Slowing Down, While Ramping Up

This one may sound counter intuitive and is a theme we're dealing with constantly. We have reached the classic transition stage in business. Expansion & growth while maintaining quality. As we bring on new clients , of course there is more work to be done, more work requires more energy, so we should speed up and work harder, right? Not necessarily. While working hard is admirable, working intentionally is life changing.

Without a deep understanding of the overarching reasons or motives behind a project or campaign, seemingly hard work can be misplaced. You can run as fast as you want, but if you're heading east you're never going to see the sunset. Make sure you're at least facing the right direction before exerting energy towards a fools errand. We have have recently been trying our best to slow down, take a step back from our work and truly analyze the strategy and mission of the project before jumping in. This process allows us to allocate the proper time and resources needed and deliver the work efficiently.

That's all for now folks! Thank you for your support & we'll see you out there!

Stop Postponing,

Bradley Ellis

Boston, MA

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