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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Seaside Fitness prides itself on the positive community atmosphere it provides. The overarching theme throughout their extensive catalog of programs, trainings & workouts is rooted in one concept: progression. The desire to not only improve oneself but to help & contribute to other members growth became apparent within moments of speaking with two of the Seaside coaches: Eric Custadio & Zach Ledogar.

Breakthrough Marketing Group: Thanks for taking the time guys, excited to hear more about what you have going on - so how did Seaside get started initially?

Eric Custadio: Absolutely, so Matt & Jenn the two owners started out by doing beach workouts with their friends. Throughout the years it has progressed from sessions in their garage, to a few different facilities, to now this awesome space we have here in Wareham.

BMG: That’s amazing to see how things have evolved, I’m sure there are a lot of folks that were initially involved still around as members as today.

EC: Definitely, there is a core group from those garage days that has been super loyal, and a lot of new faces as well.

BMG: That’s a great testament to what you guys are doing, you’re really providing an experience that a standard gym isn’t able to offer. For you guys, what would you say has been the biggest difference between Seaside and other options out there?

Zach Ledogar: It's really the encouraging team atmosphere. Like you mentioned there is a group that has been active since the beginning, and the great thing is that the moment anyone new starts here, you can see within even the first day they are immediately embraced .

EC: Exactly, the community feel is definitely my favorite part about Seaside. Everyone knows everyone around here and we’re all here to see others around us get better.

BMG: That camaraderie is so important to have especially in a environment like this where people are inspiring each other. That alone must be a motivator to get up and head to the gym, because once you arrive you're met with that energy, and you must become close with these people on a personal level as well.

ZL: That's just it- Eric and I were just talking about how we have guys text us about coming out on their boat with them, or grabbing lunch together, they really become a second family .

EC: Right, and we run a ton of social events as well including every Friday we do whats called "Roulette Fridays" where we all grab drinks together after crushing a work out. We definitely subscribe to the work hard, play hard mindset.

BMG: That sounds like a blast! What an awesome place to work, you guys must love coming in here.

EC: I definitely do, and we oftentimes find ourselves staying much later or coming in on days when we aren't scheduled to work just to come workout or help out. Even on my off days I tend to be thinking about this place or thinking about how I can help a members fitness plan or tweak a workout to make it more effective.

ZL: We really do basically live here sometimes, and we'd have it no other way. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, because it doesn't feel like work at all.

As we took a tour of the beautiful facility, I witnessed first hand the community feel that has become synonymous with the Seaside brand . Brief yet meaningful conversations were had with nearly every one we encountered- the discussions ranging from workout tips to personal life events . We talk of the various programs they host, and the cycle studio. which hosts spin and buti yoga classes. Today, The Transition Program is here and you can sense their excitement as they come off the bus and into the gym. The program focuses on providing an opportunity to exercise for young adults with special needs. As I talk more and more with these two guys, it becomes evident that they are doing much more than pumping iron here. The entire Seaside team is truly dedicated to making a tangible impact on people lives.

BMG: How great is it to witness the progression and growth from people you're working one on one with?

EC: It's extremely extremely rewarding. Just recently we had a Pop Warner football team in here for a while that we've been working with, and now it's time for their season so I'm really excited to see how they do and how the strength and conditioning translates on the field for them.

ZL: It's awesome. I mean, there's a guy who when he started here he couldn't do a single pull-up, I just saw him the other day and he's cranking out 20. And all of the coaches love it, we love to see that. We've got such a great group of coaches that rally and support the members and each other.

EC: That's so true, and the members are the same way. There's never any judgment, because everyone's been at the beginning stages and knows how it feels.

BMG: That support means everything. Rather than being deterred off the bat they are going to feel compelled to stick it out and continue to advance.

ZL: Right and we're constantly aiming to personalize the programs and fitness plans .

EC: Definitely, there's nothing cookie cutter about the plans, we really work hard to make sure peoples specific needs and goals are being met.

BMG: That's such a strong & unique differentiator for you guys, being able to tailor to the individual. What age ranges are you primarily working with?

EC: It's such a wide range. I mean, it's everywhere from 12- 66. People will come with their spouses, there are full families that come in together. It's important to show that there are safe and healthy ways to start these type of things at a young age, and doing so helps to instill that mindset.

ZL: It does, and relating to that- we also go out to speak at various schools about fitness. We call them "Activity Days" and we will talk with students about the possibility of fitness as a career path. That can be eye-opening to kids who may have been interested but had never fully considered it until now.

BMG: Right, those opportunities weren't even available as recent as a few decades ago. It's amazing to see how the industry and the movement has evolved.

EC: It's incredible, and it is constantly evolving . We are too. We have brainstorms every Friday, the whole team, and everyone has a chance to voice their opinions and ideas on future plans.

ZL: It's great, all of these white boards are always filled up. Matt, is a military guy so sometimes they look like tactical attack plans, it's nice to all be a part of the strategy. And he and Jean are always transparent about everything. We all get a chance to see the numbers, where we're doing well, where we can improve. And I think our team responds well to having that type of leadership.

BMG: It has to feel great to have that equity and ownership, that you're truly valued and listened to, and your input means something. You don't get that everywhere.

EC: You really don't , and here, everyones voice is not only heard, but we actually have the opportunity to implement these ideas. And the way we think is long term , so we're planning years and years out right now, we have a big vision for this place .

BMG: Well with the dedicated team and work ethic you guys have here, there's really no limit to the possibilities.

As I take one more lap of the facility, Zach jumps back in to help some members with their workout. Eric shows me some shirts that have Seasides new branding, and shows me the room they host spin class in. I can't help but feel personally excited for the bright future ahead for Seaside. The passion, devotion, and vision are all here, as well as the entire team's commitment to be constantly growing & evolving. Walking out of the door of Seaside I pass an oncoming member in the doorway. She says , " Hey Eric! It's not your day to be here is it?" Eric responds enthusiastically. "Everyday's my day to be here"!

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