"Stroke of Inspiration": Kelly Brynteson Showcase

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Anytime her hands aren’t full playing with her two toddlers, you will likely find Kelly Brynteson holding a paintbrush. In this interview we discuss with Kelly her tremendous love for art and family, as well as the driving forces behind her exciting life journey.

BMG: So tell me a little bit about how you initially got involved with art?

Kelly Brynteson: Well my passion has always been in art, ever since I was a little girl I've always loved to paint. As recent as a few years ago I realized the opportunity to monetize my love for it, and so became: Kelly B Studios.

BMG: Perfect, that's great-so when was the first moment or the first piece when you realized, you could potentially make a business out of this?

Kelly: So, I had moved from Minnesota to Austin Texas, and I had actually stopped painting for a while. I had stepped aside and was really focusing a lot on my corporate job. It’s funny, the way it came about was actually while I was trying to decorate my house. I couldn’t find any art that I particularly liked so I figured, I'll just paint it myself. Subsequently, I had a party at my house, and a bunch of my friends were saying "You did that?! Oh my gosh I didnt even know you could paint! Could you make one for me?" From there, one painting led to a handful,word starting getting out, and here we are!

BMG: That's amazing, it's funny how that stemmed from wanting to create something new for your own place. What do you think your biggest inspiration has been ?

Kelly: My first art teacher was actually my father, so he's always been a huge inspiration to me. In fact, right around the time when I started painting again, I was working on a big commission, and I called and told him he should start painting again soon. He had stopped for a while like I had, and I was telling him how much joy I was getting out of it. Shortly after that conversation, tragically, he died of a heart attack.

BMG: Oh my god, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Kelly: Thank you, it was really difficult. And at the time, I was working on that big commission and I really didn't think I was ever going to be able to paint anything again. My mom, saved the day and gave me a motivational pep talk ensuring me "He would want you to paint , he wouldn't want you to quit". So, I picked up the brush again and started painting and the tears started coming. But I quickly found out that the more I painted, the better I felt. The pain was there, but painting was a healing process, it was almost like grief therapy for me. I could feel him there every time I was painting, and I still can.

BMG: Wow. That's incredible. Your dads energy is right there with you , sending that inspiration.

Kelly: Exactly, he absolutely is. Anytime I feel down, or something isn't going right I go and paint and that's my way of talking with him. I always have him there with me, he inspires me everyday.

BMG: That's powerful. Art definitely can be extremely therapeutic. Do you find there are certain times that you like to work more than others, certain hours of the day?

Kelly: I would say I do the majority of my best work late at night, or in the wee hours of the morning. During the day I am generally handling a million other things, but at night, I can focus.

BMG: I think there's definitely something to that- because as a creative I tend to feel the same. A lot of my most inspired work comes from late hours of the night or early in the morning as well. Do you think it's easy to find that "flow" state and get locked in during those hours?

Kelly: Definitely I think there is. Creatively, I feel I'm at my best when all distractions are off, and life is quiet.

BMG: What do you do to re-charge the batteries when you're drained?

Kelly: Tacos and tequila.

BMG: The best remedy!

Kelly: It really is, we have a lot of Mexican restaurants down here so, that's a good way to take a load off. And more seriously, my kids. I love watching my kids play at the park, seeing the happiness that comes through them. It's so rejuvenating to see them experiencing all of these new things for the first time. It's just pure, unedited joy that they are feeling.

BMG: So awesome to see . I feel like being an artist requires you to hold on to some of that childlike wonder and curiosity.

Kelly: Definitely it does! It's important to keep some of that perspective.

BMG: I know it might be difficult but, if you had to choose one, what is the piece that you are most proud of ?

Kelly: Most proud of, good question. I would have to say, most recently I did an exclusive piece for the Mack Jack and McConaughey fashion show & auction. The piece was inspired off of the Alice + Olivia spring line with vibrant colors. I really enjoyed that as well as the event, which was a blast! (featured to the left)

BMG: That sounds like a great event. So marketing wise are you targeting those type of events a lot?

Kelly: Yes, I have been, I've been marketing in somewhat of a unique way compared to the traditional style in the industry. A lot of people go the gallery route, but I'm doing something a little different. I have been taking the route of philanthropic events, donating pieces to non-profit organizations. I find that it's a win win- on the marketing side it's a great way to promote as you have high-end donors in the room, and more importantly, I am getting to use my talent to do something that makes me feel good, and goes back to a great cause.

BMG: Can't beat that, two birds one stone. I think that's a great strategy. So where would you like to see your art, your business- where do you see it going over the next couple of years, do you see it changing at all?

Kelly: So, I will still be doing the art, always , I always will have my hand in creating and painting. But, right now I am actually working with software developers on designing an app.

BMG: Oh wow, that's exciting! What's the app?

Kelly: Thank you, I'm very excited. Essentially it allows the user to order customized art online. Not everyone can afford original art, or maybe you go to the gallery or store and you find the right size, but not the right design. Or it's the right design, but it doesn't fit correctly for the look you want above your sofa. This will alleviate that, and will tailor to your preferences and needs.We are looking to bring it to market soon, and I can't wait.

BMG: There is definitely a market for that, myself included so please keep me in the loop! Best of luck on that rollout as well as with all your future endeavors, it's been a pleasure talking with you.

Kelly: I certainly will, and thank you for having me this has been great!

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